Is your advertising engaging your consumers and meeting business goals?

At Kantar we help clients build great brands. We provide consultative advice and work with you to develop great advertising to increase sales and drive brand growth. Our advertising and brand experts help uncover insights, define your brand’s purpose, and develop the right messaging. Our advertising solutions come in all shapes and sizes from early stage consulting engagements, to automated ad testing tools to a full range of customised ad tracking solutions.

We’ll help generate big ideas – co-creating with your consumers – and, once your ads are executed, we can help with pre-testing, optimization and ad tracking. Working in close collaboration with our consultants and quantitative analysts, our global qualitative team specializes in uncovering breakthrough ideas, curating stories to uncover human truths and verifying creative potential – all dovetailing with our later stage ad-testing solutions.

Our media and digital teams are also expert at helping you reach your target audience, while making the most of your budget and increasing ROI. We understand consumer behavior, the evolving media landscape, and the multiscreen world. We know what it takes to break through the clutter to reach people across the right platforms, and at the right time. We also know how to help you spend less to get more, and we’ll help you prove your ads are driving ROI through both short- and long-term sales.

What's the right impression for your brand? Which platforms should you use across markets?

Kantar will review your brand building history and help create a foundation to be sure you're leveraging what's Meaningful (meets consumer needs), Different (unique and sets trends) and Salient (top of mind) about your brand before you come up with that “big idea” and dive into the costly development of an ad campaign. We can also help you find that big idea, make sure it has legs – and if you're a global brand, ensure it will work across markets.

Pre-Link Now

Pre-LinkNow is an agile qualitative solution that helps optimize advertising creative by helping marketers understand the why behind ad performance. We partner with GutCheck, a global leader in agile market research solutions, to offer this fast, cost-efficient ad testing solution that’s based on Kantar ’s validated Link™ copy-testing framework. Pre-LinkNow gives you fast consumer feedback on your creative and is available in 26 countries and 16 languages. Turn-around time is between 5 to 10 days, depending on the number of ads you test and the number of markets covered. You can now pre-test ads that previously went untested due to time or budget constraints.

Grow your brand with extraordinary creative

Does your advertising stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression?

Knowing exactly how your ad will perform, and how to improve it, is essential before spending media budget. This will ensure a good return on investment and future brand success. Link is a validated creative development solution that helps you navigate and win in this complex media environment. Our suite of ad testing solutions evaluates all forms of advertising to help you optimise your creative to maximise return on investment.

Using the latest neuroscience approaches, behavioural and survey data, Link helps you create strong creative and learn for the future. With Link Now and Link Express on Kantar Marketplace we can provide top-line results in as little as 6 hours.

Test TV, digital, mobile, online video, social, print or outdoor, ads using the best solution to meet your needs, timeline and budget. Choose from:

  • Customised Link with full diagnostics, giving you a full indication of how your content will perform, why, and how to improve it
  • Link Express tells you how your content will perform with indications of why, in as few as two days, so you know areas of strength and opportunity
  • Link Now shows whether your content will work as intended or not, in as few as six hours, so you can invest with confidence

Custom Ad Testing

Do you know how to optimise your advertising to drive ROI and impact? Link evaluates how well your ad performs in areas relating to sales before it goes live; how engaging it is, how well it builds brand associations and predisposition. It shows exactly how to optimise your creative to stand out, create meaningful impressions and maximise success.

Agile Ad Testing

Maximise ROI for your ads - quickly and cost-effectively Are you confident your ads will deliver ROI? From the world-class Link portfolio, Link Now and Link Express provide an accurate, validated evaluation of how your TV, digital, outdoor, print and point of sale ads will perform. Ideal when you’re confident with the creative idea, but need to quickly check how the execution engages and the impressions it makes. Link Now provides results via an interactive dashboard in as few as 6 hours. If you need more insight and understanding of how to improve your ad, Link Express provides actionable insight in less than 48 hours.

Is your advertising delivering ROI?

Kantar offers a number of solutions to measure in-market advertising effectiveness. Each solution works as a standalone offer but can be combined with any of our other solutions to paint a holistic picture of overall marketing effectiveness when you need a deeper level of insight. Our solutions include AdExpress, a light, fast and focused ad tracking solution. and Digital Behavior Analytics, a solution to integrate data from sources relevant to your brand.

Ad Now

Is your creative performing in-market? Ad Now measures in-market performance of your ads, and competitor ads, across multiple channels. It provides quick, cost-effective insight to help you optimise your creative mix while still live. It tells you how well your ads create lasting memories and which will generate most ROI to help you make more confident investment decisions.