Building winning market scenarios

The optimum combination of price and features is essential for successful products and services, but getting the balance right is a challenge.

ValueManager uses the latest choice modelling techniques to reveal the features consumers value – and the price they are prepared to pay.

Our adaptive approach and state-of-the-art simulator identify the impact of different product configurations and price points so you can develop winning market scenarios and drive incremental growth.

Questions that ValueManager can answer:

  • Which of my product’s features do consumers really value?
  • Which product additions and renovations can add more value for consumers – and drive incremental growth for my business?
  • What price points are consumers prepared to pay for different product configurations?
  • How can I optimise product and pricing for incremental growth?

Key benefits of using ValueManager:

  • Our ‘what-if’ market simulations help you maximise competitiveness and predict business impact
  • Improves market share predictions of different product and price combinations by around 20%
  • Predicts the incremental growth or loss of potential changes to your product and price configurations
  •  Adaptive interviewing saves time and provides better data


ValueManager is one of our Innovation & Product Development research tools