Building success from the inside

Successful companies require an employee strategy that goes beyond simple employee satisfaction and engagement. They need to focus on a holistic picture of their organisational performance so they can deliver positive employee and customer moments and drive strong business results.

TRI*M HiPO (High Performance Organisation) is an insight-driven framework that helps you build success from the inside assesses your organisation across four pillars to improve employee engagement, leadership excellence, strategy and goal alignment, as well as organisational capability.


Questions that TRI*M HiPO can answer:

  • How engaged are my employees and how can I improve their engagement?
  • Are my employees aligned with my strategy and goals?
  • How strong is the leadership in my business?
  • Where should I prioritise effort and investment to become a high performance organisation?

Key benefits of using TRI*M HiPO:

  • Gives a clear picture of your company performance and actionable direction on where to improve
  • Provides a comprehensive evaluation based on four pillars: employee engagement, leadership excellence, strategy and goal alignment and organisational capability
  • Delivers meaningful KPIs for use in incentive plans with links to financial and customer relationship measures
  • Draws on insights from over 20 years’ experience in employee research and a database of over 3 million interviews worldwide

TRI*M is part of our Customer Strategies portfolio