Influencing shoppers on the path to purchase

Nothing has a greater influence on shoppers’ choices than their relationship with the brand. However, the brand experience fails to extend into the point-of-sale, resulting in brands seeing their hard-won place in consumers’ hearts and minds eroded when it comes to strong sales performance.

Connected Shopper helps you identify the precise moments of decision making to influence shoppers. We provide direction on how to activate opportunities for brand and category growth – whatever the channel.

Questions Connected Shopper can answer:

  • How can I influence shoppers at the key moments of decision making along the purchase journey?
  • What triggers and barriers do I need to activate or overcome to increase sales conversion?
  • Which channels and retailers should I focus on to activate sales?
  • Which needs and occasions drive purchase, and how can I tap into them?

Key benefits of using Connected Shopper:

  • Identifies the best opportunities for sales growth by category, channel, customer and brand
  • Provides a clear activation plan to ensure that opportunities are effectively turned into growth
  • Models touchpoint sales impact so you can focus on the touchpoints that have the most impact
  • Our shopper experts worldwide bring together the latest thinking and best practices to help inform your decisions.

Connected Shopper is one of our Shopper research tools