Activating category growth and influencing shoppers

Influencing shoppers in store is a key goal for most brands, yet few understand that they must earn the right to influence by first making the shopper’s task easier.

Shopper Decisions helps you improve sales conversion at the moment of choice by outlining how facilitate shoppers’ product search and identifying their selection criteria.

Questions that Shopper Decisions can answer:

  • How can I increase brand and category performance at shelf?
  • How do I deliver best-in-class merchandising and layout?
  • How should I communicate at the point of sale to influence shoppers?
  • How can I win with our retail partners?

Key benefits of using Shopper Decisions:

  • Based on real shopper behaviour
  • Drives category growth by creating a shelf layout that facilitates shopping
  • Drives brand growth by developing in-store communication to better influence shoppers
  • Our solution is retailer specific

Shopper Decisions is one of our Shopper research tools