There have never been more reasons – and more ways – to show brands why they must work with us. We bring their future to life in a meaningful way.

Jamie, UK New Business and Marketing Director

What we do in Marketing at TNS is simple: we show our clients what we stand for, and what we can achieve for their business. And we do it by crafting considered, expertly timed stories to excite specific audiences; helping them visualise what the future could bring. Globally we build confidence in our teams through compelling internal communications. We give them the tools they need to talk credibly and knowledgeably about all the impressive things TNS can – and does – do for the world’s most respected brands.

Marketing here covers everything from brand strategy to thought leadership, PR and media relations, events, business development and data visualisation. And whatever you’re working on, you’ll spot the business benefits right away: our campaigns operate at the core of TNS. We need people who can tell a good story and sell it across a variety of audiences and channels.

You’ll need to be strategic, and even stronger in implementing your ideas. Not only will you benefit from broad exposure to some of the greatest brands, but you’ll learn daily – sharing knowledge with some of the smartest thinkers in the world.