Whenever I visit a restaurant or supermarket I see a brand I’ve worked with. Every day, in every place, at every opportunity – you spot something you’ve played a part in.

Prerit, Global Senior Analyst

Home to some of the best statisticians in the business, yes. But marketing sciences at TNS is even more than that – it’s where data science and creative thinking meet.

We help pitch and deliver projects across all kinds of industries and clients. And we support marketeers with the technical precision their campaigns need to succeed.

We’re a blend of focused data analysts, meticulous computer scientists and creative researchers. We work across survey data; developing methodology and mapping out our clients’ biggest opportunities. Plus, we’re a group of architects. Building a future for big data in our business (and in the wider research industry).

That may mean research and development in galvanising social media data, or mapping traditional research techniques onto new data streams. Or identifying the point at which local and global behaviours meet (or diverge). In each instance we have the power to transform a brand’s fortunes.

We take data and we turn it into delivery on the TNS promise: growth. (And we’ve got the numbers to prove it.)