Developing superior products

Even with rigorous testing, new products fail at an alarming rate and often don’t perform as well as traditional research indicates.

Product eValuate helps you create and launch exceptional products by evaluating emotional and functional performance in real-life situations. Our recommendations focus on specific usage moments to help you secure long-term success. And with Product Express we can evaluate products in half the time and cost than traditional studies.

Questions that Product eValuate can answer:

  • Is the growth potential enough to merit a launch?
  • Is my product ready for market?
  • How can I improve my product to maximise incremental growth?
  • Is my product delivering what is needed to excel in the moment?

Key benefits of using Product eValuate:

  • Provides detailed guidance on how to improve and activate your products
  • Accurate product assessment via individual modelling and a focus on emotional and functional performance in the moment
  • Provides a precise plan to help optimise your development and marketing mix, identifying whether it will achieve action standards
  •  Automated analytics and live reporting significantly reduce reporting time

Product eValuate is one of our Innovation & Product Development research tools