With the emergence of personal blogs and social networks like Facebook or Twitter, the Web 2.0 is now turning into a vast interactive platform where people discuss, comment or share pieces of information and are creating, to a certain degree a new Agora. For public decision makers, the understanding of what is being shared and said spontaneously about their policies, programs or behaviours is a must if one wants to anticipate potential crises and/or prepare specific communication strategies.

Understanding the importance of such content, Kantar TNS has developed a dedicated social media analytics offer entirely designed to fit our clients’ needs and take into account their specific political and social environment.

Our P&S digital framework includes:

  • Real-time analysis of social media content (e.g. during TV appearances, speeches…)
  • Tracking online reputation
  • Triangulation of various sources of data (social media, polling and macro data)
  • Mapping the social web including the identification of specific topics and communities
  • Pre and post-tests of arguments amongst targeted online communities (influencers, interested people…)