Shaping real human behaviour to drive brand performance

The journey from a brand’s strategic intent to performance in the market can be a bumpy ride, often due to the fundamental unpredictability of human behaviour. A key challenge for brands is the reality that what people think, feel and say does not link very well with what they do.

Various factors, such as habit, inertia and contextual influences, determine what people actually do with respect to purchase and usage of brands and categories.

At TNS Qualitative, we employ a variety of behaviour-centric approaches to provide you with a picture of real category behaviour, how it is shaped by internal and external contexts, and the moments of opportunity and vulnerability for your brand. Using techniques such as cognitive interviewing, wearable cameras, mobile diaries and in-situ research, we advise you on how you can change, embed or reinforce habits, increase usage or influence in-store choices.

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