Combining rigour and creativity to inspire high-potential growth ideas

Innovations are rooted in understanding and resolving consumer tensions. This calls for a process that combines sensitive understanding of consumer realities with a creative exploration of possibilities.

Our best-in-class innovation processes and proven creative ideation principles combine discipline and rigour in identifying opportunities:

  • We use a variety of methods tailored to your specific innovation objectives to understand the contexts in which your brands and products are situated. Our approaches range from ethnography and cultural analyses to in-situ observation, contextual interviewing and social data analysis.
  • Our ideation tools have been developed by leading creativity experts and are founded on a careful blueprint designed to spark focused idea-generation. We believe that a tight structure and process are absolutely necessary for the best ideation outcomes, and you will find this reflected in our proven methods.


Improve innovation success by more than six times industry norms with Matrix, our systematic qual-quant approach to identifying and prioritising incremental opportunities at the very start of the innovation journey.


Insightment is a structured process of crafting insights from observed consumer realities. It explores unmet needs and tensions to unlock innovation opportunities for your brand.


SuperGroup is a two-day co-creation workshop that brings the client team together with creative consumers and category experts. It generates powerful ideas and concepts rooted in unmet needs.


SuperClinic is our qualitative concept refinement tool that uses insights from creative and mainstream consumers to turn promising concepts into sharpened propositions.

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