Engaging with consumers anywhere, anytime, anyhow

Digitally-empowered consumers can be strong allies if we know how to engage them. At TNS Qualitative, we are acutely sensitive to the fact that technology provides:

  • Tools to engage differently and access contexts that we could not previously get to
  • Spontaneously generated content that deepens our understanding of important issues
  • A participative mindset that is conducive to co-creation

We look for imaginative and creative ways of integrating technology into our work, from our unique approach to online communities, ThinkTank, to our use of wearable cameras to understand habitual behaviour, our immersive research on mobile platforms or our use of social data to identify innovation opportunities.

Importantly, you will always find us using new technologies in a way that provides rich understanding rather than as a further stream of mere data – we believe that the interpretative power of qualitative research is more valuable now than ever before, to give meaning to technology-enabled datastreams.


ThinkTank is a refreshing, bespoke approach to online communities which allows you to unlock the co-creative power of the internet by interacting with leading-edge people on the issues that really matter to your business.

Decision making in a connected world

Used in 12 of the 50 markets covered by Connected Life, wearable technology reveals the way people truly interact with brands online and offline and uncovers exciting opportunities to target and engage specific user groups.

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