Discover how connectivity is reshaping the behavior of 70000 people across 57 countries.

How connected is my target audience?

Understanding people today means understanding how connected they are, the impact this has on the media they consume, the brands they hear about, and what they decide to buy. As the world is becoming increasingly more connected, marketers have the opportunity to engage their audiences through more touchpoints, delivering an increased number of services and fulfilling more of people’s needs.

How do I reach them?

For years 'finding the right channel' has led to a focus on reach, and the movement of media time from 'traditional' to 'digital'. Connected Life shows online is playing an increasing complementary role, with mobile allowing people access to content whenever and wherever. The expansion of services means there is a large number of ways of consuming media, and of different groups trying to grab our attention.

What content needs and platforms should I target?

A new wave of online content contributors has managed to capture young, captive and passionate audiences on a variety of video channels from YouTube to Snapchat, WeChat and beyond. In order to succeed in this environment, companies and brand owners need to understand how content and influence travels across networks, the roles that different influencers play, and the type of activity that is most effective for engaging those influencers and prompting them to share.

How do I activate against connected commerce opportunities?

Technology and infrastructure has allowed eCommerce to become a part of everyday life in many countries, continuing to grow and grow. There are lots of opportunities, from ‘traditional’ favourites such as technology, travel and fashion to grocery products such as oral care and drinks. Through Connected Life, we can identify the specific opportunities for categories and countries.