Welcome to the touchpoint revolution

Brand Builders

Campaigns today need to leverage a broad range of touchpoints to reach the audience you need. Programmatic technology can help – but only if it’s programmed to reach people who are actually receptive to your brand.

In the touchpoints revolution, you need to target the right mindsets, reaching the people who are open to what you have to say – and doing so at the right moment, through the right touchpoints.

When you reach the right people through the most relevant touchpoints it has an amazing impact on campaign effectiveness, turning programmatic into a genuinely powerful brand building tool.

Brand experiences

Today’s brands are the sum of memorable brand experiences – and those experiences can take place at any time, through any touchpoint. To build and manage brands successfully, you need to align all of these experiences to tell a coherent brand story.

You can only do this if the teams managing your different touchpoints talk a common brand language – and share a unified view.

The right approach to research can help break down business silos, identify the right touchpoints and optimise your entire organisation around the emotive experiences those touchpoints must create.

Buying opportunities

Today’s consumers expect to be able to buy at the moment of their choosing, through the platform of their choice. So it’s more important than ever that shopper marketing starts when the shopper’s decision-making process begins, not just when they enter a store.

Competitive advantage comes through identifying the people who are genuinely open to buying your brand, identifying the touchpoints that will most influence their buying decision, and judging the right moment to engage. This can only be gained through a new and more integrated relationship between brand and shopper marketing.


Today’s connected consumers demand ever more convenient ways to access products and services. This creates powerful opportunities for disruption whenever businesses find a new way to use touchpoints to give people what they want.

As people adopt new behaviours on new platforms, long-established habits can suddenly be bypassed – and loyalty to brands and products will be tested like never before. Depending on your approach to innovation, this is either a challenge or an opportunity. To be amongst the disruptors rather than the disrupted, you need to keep exploring all of the potential roles that your touchpoints can play.

Sources of insight

In the touchpoints revolution, the role of research must change. Every touchpoint is now a source of data for businesses – and a potentially precious source of competitive advantage. Developing strategies for capturing, interpreting and acting on the data they produce is redefining the role of research. It’s also dramatically increasing the value that it can add for marketers.

To define and target audiences more effectively, marketers need a strategic framework for interpreting touchpoint data– and deriving the greatest value from it.