Nurturing early stage concepts to develop winning propositions

SuperClinic is our qualitative concept refinement tool. It uses a structured and iterative process to transform ideas with potential into sharpened, streamlined concepts that are ready for testing.

Conducted over two days, this programme of group discussions and concept optimisation sessions is run by expert moderators and facilitators who understand that speed is of the essence.

We explore concept potential amongst early adopters as well as creative and mainstream consumers, delivering clear, idea-enhancing insight before feeding the re-worked concept back into the next group. This iterative process nurtures promising product and service concepts, and will help you close the gap between a good idea and great execution.

Questions that SuperClinic can answer:

  • How can I improve rough concepts?
  • How can I improve concepts that have been tested and have some potential but do not yet meet action standards?
  • Are my concepts relevant to my target audience?

Key benefits of using SuperClinic:

  • Sequential recycling uses a mix of creative, early adopters and mainstream consumers to help craft concepts
  • Sensitive and constructive approach to using respondent feedback to optimise concepts in real time
  • High involvement of the client team throughout the entire process to harness their expertise and point of view
  • Brings together our expertise in qualitative research and concept testing

SuperClinic is one of our Innovation & Product Development and Qualitative research tools