Test your own or competitor TV ads in 15 minutes

with Link AI.

Available as an automated, self-serve or serviced solution.

Test more of your advertising, faster.

Say goodbye to blind spots in your creative performance. Link AI is a powerful, artificial intelligence-based tool for testing TV advertising. It’s designed for speed and scale. Quickly and simultaneously process high volumes of creative, allowing you to test more of your advertising than ever before. With results in as little as 15 minutes, you can be more agile – with the flexibility to test iteratively throughout the creative process. Intuitive analytics dashboards provide a quick read on creative performance, so you can make go/no-go decisions faster and launch campaigns with confidence.

Get the most out of your ad budget.

Get a better return on your advertising spend by screening content you otherwise wouldn’t. Link AI leverages the latest machine learning technology and is powered by an extensive norms database, so you get decision-quality insights that are faster and more cost-effective than survey-based ad testing. Ideal for high volume ad testing, ad versioning, short-run ads, and secondary campaign assets, or when you need to make ultra-fast or last-minute campaign decisions.

Learn from the competition and create content that outperforms.

Understand the impact of your competitors’ advertising and see how you stack up against other brands in your category. Build up a powerful library of insights over time that will help to uncover category or market trends and identify the best advertising approaches for future content.

Add on diagnostics when you need them.

When you need more than just a quick read on an ad’s performance, the Analyser module can be used to take a more in-depth look at why an ad is likely to perform in a certain way and indicate how the performance could be enhanced.


Agile ad testing without compromise

Choose a service level that meets your needs

Want to know more? AudreyDeniz and Pieter are here to show you all the ins and outs of Link AI on Kantar Marketplace. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them for more information.



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